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November 11, 2013
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Star-Crown: Wakabayashi Airi [REVAMP] by Riizumu Star-Crown: Wakabayashi Airi [REVAMP] by Riizumu

A revamp version since SC also revamped-- :iconlazepoolplz:

Full Ver:
Old App:

I'm free to RP wherever! ; v ; My preference is Skype (You may ask!) and comments~ (since I tend to forget notes //sobbu)

[ N A M E ]
Wakabayashi Airi (若林 愛理)
-Nickname: Ai-chan, Ai or Riri

[ A G E ]


[ G E N D E R ]


[ H E I G H T / W E I G H T ]

5'4 ft / 48 kg

[ Y E A R ]


► Her hairclips can be activated from her phone and stays connected via sensors with the map shown on her phone, these hairclips will slowly spin as it detects the presence of remnants through magnetic field waves.

Remnants are shown as bright red flowers with black outlines (The bigger they are the stronger the remnant is expected to be) while allies are shown as pink flowers with white outlines. When a remnant is close by, her hairclips will gradually pick up speed and glow brightly, indicating the distance between remnants and Airi.

Her main abilities as a chaser are floral in theme and focuses on administering negative inflictions.

►HP: 120 HP (20 S.E. were added)
►Total SE: 150 S.E.

[Attack One] Wilted Rose || 10 S.E.
= Will slow down the momentum of a Remnant that halves the damage received by them for one turn.

[Attack Two] Breathing Carnation || 30 S.E.
= Causes hallucinations to Remnants that may confuse them which allows an ally to deal a critical damage towards them for two turns.

[Attack Three] Ivy Kiss || 40 S.E.
= Releases a poisonous infliction that gradually deals a small amount of damage to the remnant for the next 3-4 turns.

[Special Ability] Reinforcement Garden || 50 S.E.
= This has the ability to boost the Special Ability of a maximum of 3 allies for 2-3 turns by 25%. Used any more than that will cause her to suffer side effects such as severe pains on her body that may paralyze her or severe nausea and her hairclips will slow down for a brief cooldown, which can effect her performance in battle overall.

[ C L U B / S P O R T ]

Newspaper and Art

[ P E R SO N A L I T Y ]

|| Affectionate || Easily Excitable || Creative || Clumsy || Dense || Curious || Childish || Gullible || Materialistic ||

Airi is the most affectionate and easily excitable person you will ever meet, she loves to hug people and almost always considers everyone her friend even when they had only just met, talking away with them like they had known each other for their whole lives. She is also quite the creative person as she has designed her own clothes and re-invented them to fit her needs, mixing and matching the things she buys with the things she makes.

Despite that, she can be very clumsy with things as she has tripped, bumped into, dropped stuff and so many things countless times, it's not surprising that she would occasionally be seen covered with bandaids. Not only that, she's also a very curious and childish girl, too curious for her own good even as she sometimes places herself in danger and due to her childish mindset, will always want to find out about everything that is happening around her. She can also be very gullible, believing just about everything she's told to a fault and holds her possessions in high regards, especially her clothes, revealing herself to be a very materialistic person.

[ L I K E S / D I S L I K E S ]

+ Fashion
+ Moffles (Mochi waffles)
+ Her twin brother
+ Anything purple or pink
+ Anything that has a moffle theme in it really
+ Hugging people
+ Sewing

- Bugs, not even ladybugs
- Dictionaries
- Bland colors
- Mint candies
- Losing her stuff
- Other people stealing her moffles
- Bad combinations of patterns

[ B I O G R A P H Y ]

Summary at bottom!


Being driven away from her twin brother as she and her mother soon moved away, soon his figure disappeared within her sight and she was left alone with her mother in the car after a divorce which cause them to move away to Asteri Island in the first place, no longer were they able to stay together for long. They had been 7 at the time, they could only visit each other few times a year and they tried to make the most of every visit, always so close to each other and never was one without the other whenever they were together in those times, truly the closest siblings they could ever be.

It had only been a fling, their parents had succumb to a moment of passion and this caused their apparent mother to become pregnant with the twins. It had been bad since she had came from a high reputable family, so the man they called father and the woman they called mother had been forced into marriage to protect said reputation and was forced to keep the twins. Thus Airi and Atsushi came into the world, having to live in such a reality where neither of their parents wanted anything to do with them.

Airi felt like living with her mother was empty, while she did try to give her the neccessities to live, there wasn't much conversing involved and for the most part they never even see each other besides what was truly important, like school and such. It was an incredibly platonic relationship, she tried to somehow fill the need for a friend of sorts by getting all the plushies she could and making herself busy by taking up various hobbies, one of which she became good at which was sewing and making clothes.

Luckily they had an uncle whom had truly cared for them, doing his best to love them as how a real parent would and taking them to places they wanted to go. It was also him who would take one twin and visit the other so they could meet and play with each other, knowing how close the two were and could never really imagine being truly separated.

At the age of 10, right on their birthday, the twins had celebrated it together on the island with their uncle, who then gave the two a cellphone each so they could contact each other whenever they wanted and it was a common fact that children by the age of 10 were to receive these cellphones. Both had been delighted and were able to keep in touch more with each other.

Everyday Airi was happy knowing she could finally keep in contact with her dear beloved brother, calling each other and sending text messages almost everyday while still making visits to one another, everything was perfect for them and she really wouldn't have it any other way, though she would prefer they would be together instead of having to use a piece of technology to even talk.

By the time she had reached the end of middle school, Airi had received an invitation to attend a school called Star Crown High, which she recognizes as one of the most prestigious schools ever and it was located right in the Island, though she wondered why she received it, she was delighted to know she could actually have a chance to leave the house and come to live in the dorms they would provide in the school.

Summary: Basically, Atsushi and Airi were accidentally conceived by their parents, thus they were treated poorly by them. They married and kept them for the sake of image and reputation until they were seven where they divorce was finalized, with the mother taking Airi away while Atsushi stayed with the father. They spent most of their childhood just trying to visit each other as much as possible with the help of their kind uncle until the age of ten where they got cellpones, so they communicated using it often until finally they got an invitation to Star Crown High.

[ Q U O T E ]

"Want some moffles~?"
"Oooooh~ let me see that! That looks sooooo chic!"

[ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ]

Wakabayashi Atsushi (若林 敦司 )
= My beloved older twin brother~ love him~

More will be added soon~!

[ V O I C E ]

[ E X T R A ]
• While she does love fashion and likes to get the latest things, she also likes to wear what she makes herself and sometimes mix and match the things she made and the things she bought.
• She will do anything for a moffle (Mochi Waffle). ANYTHING.
• Airi spends more time doing her hair perfectly than anything else.
• She has an odd fascination for horror movies.
• Don't ever pull her hair or mess it up. EVER.
• There are purple highlights in her hair, something she did with her brother who also has them.

%Star-Crown by *Rienu
Application by *Rienu
Wakabayashi Airi by *Riizumu (Me!)
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